Generally, the electrical system on the e-bike is water-resistant and is designed to tolerate riding in normal rain. However, it is recommended not to leave the e-bike unnecessarily exposed to prolonged downpours, so as to avoid condensation in the display and other electrical components.

You can ride your electric bike in rain by taking proper measures:

  • Use fenders. It will keep the rain off you and your e-bike.
  • Wear waterproof jackets, shoes and pants to make sure your ride is comfortable.
  • Use a waterproof backpack, or shoulder bag to prevent your stuff from getting wet.
  • Use lights for safety (Consider adding a blinking light on your helmet, rack, handlebars, or backpack).
  • Lower your tire pressure to give your bike a better grip.
  • Clean your e-bike after completing your ride.

Notes: 1. Submerging an e-bike in water may lead to permanent damage to the motor, battery or electrical components. 2. Riding in the rain may be dangerous due to slippery or wet road conditions.