Rechargeable Portable Tyre Inflator Wireless Mini Air Pump With 4 Piece Accessory Kit for e-Bike, Scooter, Car – 4500mAh Battery


  • WIRELESS & RECHARGEABLE: The Wireless inflator with USB rechargeable technology. It’s much more convenient to inflate e-bikes, scooters, cars, bicycles without manual pumping. Optional cigarette lighter power line to keep working in case you run out of the battery.
  • BIG POWERFUL 4500mAh BATTERY: In-built big and powerful 4500mAh lithium battery. Big enough to inflate 70 balls, 30 e-bikes/scooters or 4 car tyres.  Small air pump for home and outdoors.
  • OVER-INFLATION PROTECTION & AUTO CUT OFF:  Preset the air pressure level to control the required pressure you want and avoid over-inflated and under-inflated. It will stop automatically once it reaches the preset air pressure level.
  • SMALL PORTABLE & MULTIPURPOSE: 5.5-inch Portable inflator with a mini body, easy carry and save space. The digital inflator with LCD night vision and 4 kinds of unit values options ( PSI, BAR, KPA, Kg/cm ²) make inflating much easier. 3 multiple nozzle attachments, perfect for bikes, cars, motorcycles, balls, air mattresses, and toys.


  • Battery: 4000mAh
  • Power:100W
  • Voltage: DC12.6V
  • Product size: 140*120*100mm

Package includes: 

  • Rechargeable Air inflator 
  • USB charging cable
  • Air tube
  • Car cigarette lighter power cable
  • 4 multi-purpose nozzles 

Instruction to use:

  • Connect one end of the air tube to the air inflator pump and the other end to the bike/scooter tyre.
  • Turn on the air inflator
  • Changing unit value: On the digital display press and hold “SET” to convert units ( e.g., PSI to  BAR). 
  • Presetting pressure: Press “+” to increase the pressure and “-” to reduce the pressure value then press “SET” to start filling the air. It will automatically stop after air pressure reaches the preset value.
  • Charing: Connect the USB value to the air inflator to charge. While charging it shows the red light and when fully charged it shows the green light.
  • When the air inflator battery is low, you can still use the air inflator by connecting to the car cigarette lighter power cable.

 Warranty: 12 Months

Special Notes:

  • While cleaning or not in use, please unplug and switch off the air inflator.
  • While inflating multiple tyres continuously, please make sure, the interval time between tyres are more than 10 minutes.
  • Allow 0-3PSI deviation from preset air pressure.
  • The car cigarette lighter power cable only can be used for getting power to air inflate in case the air battery is low and can not be used for charging the air inflator battery.
  • This product can be used for E-bike, Scooter, Bicycle, Car, Motorcycle, Balls, Balloons. Not suitable for large vehicles such as buses or trucks.
  • Do not use it when you notice malfunction.
  • Please keep away from the reach of kids.