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e-Bikes and Scooters (FAQs)

What is an Electric Bike (E-bike)?

Electric bikes are pretty different than a regular bicycle. It consists of several electric components such as a motor, a battery and a controller integrated into a design. The e-bikes wheels, frames, tyres, braking system and overall design are purpose built to accommodate electric components, stability and safety. Therefore, just converting a normal bicycle with electric conversion kit may not be safe.

E-bikes are also called pedelec bicycle where the riders pedalling is assisted by an electric motor. 1:1 Pedal assist system (PAS) in an e-bike activates motor only when the user pedals the e-bike. The PAS motivates the user to pedal naturally and helps you get that calorie burn.

In Australia, legal E-bikes must comply with the European Standard for Power Assisted Pedal Cycles (EU standard EN15194:2009 or EN 15194:2009+A1:2011) and the motor power must cut out (stop operating) automatically when the speed reaches 25km/hour.

As a customer always ask the seller if the E-bike is compliant to EN15194 standard and they have secured import licensee before importing to avoid a costly mistake.

Do I need a license or registration to ride an electric bike?

No. Just like regular bikes, electric bikes don’t require a license or registration provided the electric bike is certified by the European Standard for Power Assisted Pedal Cycles (EU standard EN15194:2009 or EN 15194:2009 + A1:2011). Please check the above legal requirements before buying an e-bike.

Check the following federal government website for more info:

How fast can you go on an electric bike?

Practically an electric bike can go as fast as you are able to pedal it. However, as per government regulation in Australia, the motor power of an e-bike/scooter must cut out (stop providing electric-assist) automatically when reaching the speed of 25km/hour.

If an e-bike is not legally compliant it must not be ridden on roads and paths. They may only be ridden on private property that isn’t accessible to the general public.

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