Cargo C2 eBike Accessories Bundle


The Bundle includes: 

  1. Monkey Bars
  2. Padded Seats (2 seats + 1 Back Support)
  3. Wheel Guards (Qty. 2)
  4. Wooden Footrests (Qty. 2)

Before VS After Accessories Bundle

Cargo C2 eBike Accessories Bundle 1Before Accessories Bundle


Introducing the Moov8 Cargo C2 eBike Accessories Bundle – the perfect solution for enhancing your cargo biking experience! We understand that finding accessories that seamlessly match and complement your bike can be a challenge. In response to our customers' requests, we have curated a specialised bundle to provide peace of mind and elevate your riding adventures.

**Included Accessories:**

1. **Monkey Bars:**

   - Sturdy and ergonomic design for added support and versatility.

   - Ideal for securing and supporting around.

2. **Padded Seats (2 seats + 1 Back Support):**

   - Enjoy the journey with enhanced comfort.

   - The bundle includes two padded seats for riders and a back support for additional comfort.

3. **Wheel Guards:**

   - Protect your wheels in style.

   - These wheel guards add a touch of flair while ensuring safety while riding.

4. **Wooden Footrest (Qty 2):**

   - Crafted for durability and aesthetic appeal.

   - Enhance the overall cargo biking experience with these stylish and functional wooden footrests.

Invest in the Cargo C2 eBike Accessories Bundle to effortlessly customise your ride, transforming it to meet various use cases. Embrace the freedom to transport your various needs with ease and style, all while enjoying the comfort and utility provided by carefully selected accessories.

Upgrade your Moov8 Cargo C2 eBike today and embark on new adventures with confidence!

(Note: This bundle is specially curated and designed to seamlessly integrate with the Moov8 Cargo Mode C2 eBike only.)

Bundle Carton Box Size: L65xW53xH28 cm (5kg )